Gun Test: Glock Model 35

Posted by on October 7, 2018 5:44 pm
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I have previously stated that the long slide Glock Model 35 is a good special team pistol for use by agencies issuing Glock pistols. However, the long slide Glock is also a great home defense and competition pistol. For those who can conceal the piece beneath covering garments, the Glock long slide is a viable defensive handgun. In the proper caliber, the pistol is also useful for hunting thin-skinned game.

Glock 35 pistol right profile

Although it is a long handgun, the Glock 35 is both light and well balanced.

The .40 Smith and Wesson has proven a capable all-around pistol caliber in many regards. I have taken deer with the cartridge. And while I do not recommend the pistol for use against bears, hard pressed peace officers have stopped bears with the .40 S&W. A favorite Glock of many is the Model 35 Long Slide. The pistol is comfortable to fire and use, well balanced, fits most hands neatly, and offers a long sight radius and good accuracy.

The barrel length is 5.3 inches and magazine capacity is 15 rounds. Yet, the pistol weighs but 28 ounces unloaded. The Glock M35 is 8.75 inches long, comparable to a full-size Government Model 1911. Even though chambered for a hard hitting cartridge, the Glock 35 is comfortable to fire, the most comfortable .40 I have fired. For the purposes of this review, I broke out my long serving Glock 35 and put it through its paces.

Firing Tests

I loaded several magazines with the Winchester 3Gun FMJ load and addressed man-sized targets at 10 and 15 yards. The pistol draw was quick from a Galco belt slide, and it is fast on target. Put the front sight on the center of the target, press the trigger straight to the rear, and you have a hit.

Glock Model 35 with Insight combat light

The Glock is an excellent night fighter with the Insights combat light.

Catch the link as the trigger resets, fire again, and you have another hit. The Glock 35 is better balanced than most polymer guns and tracks between targets quickly. The long sight radius helps a lot. Moving to one-hand drills and non dominant-hand drills, the pistol remained controllable and good hits were realized—however, I had to slow down a little. The pistol has a good point and balance. Firing to slide lock, magazine changes are fast. Each magazine dropped free without issue.

Ammunition Performance

I fired a number of loads for accuracy from the benchrest at 25 yards. Accuracy is consistent provided the shooter does his part. Keep the sights aligned, get a good sight picture, press the trigger smoothly to the rear, and you will have a hit. The best 5-shot groups hovered at around 2 inches, but the average was 3 inches—useful for competition and defense use.

With a 180-grain XTP loading, the Glock would serve for deer to 40 yards or so, and wild hogs are taken closer than that. The pistol has more recoil than a 9mm and the muzzle flip is perhaps more abrupt than a .45, but the Glock M35 invites practice. I was not rubbing my wrists after a range session of 100 cartridges or more.

Ammunition performance is interesting. As an example, the Winchester 180-grain PDX load clocks 960 fps from the typical Glock M22. The Model 35 exhibits 990 fps. The modest increase may be due to the fast burning powder blend of the Winchester load. This load burns clean and exhibits little muzzle flash.

Bob Campbell shooting the Glock 35 from a shooting bench

Firing off of the bench, the author fired good groups. A lot of gear goes with us to the range for a thorough test!

The Black Hills Ammunition 180-grain JHP breaks about 980 fps from a Glock 22 but a fast 1090 fps from the longer Glock Model 35—a useful increase. The Hornady 155-grain XTP breaks 1155 fps from the Glock Model 35. For hunting, I would choose the 180-grain load. For home defense, the fast stepping 155-grain load is attractive.

The Glock 35 is a useful pistol that fits into several roles well. As a go-anywhere do-anything handgun it is a top contender.

Do you own a Glock Model 35? Are you a fan of the .40S&W for hunting or self-defense? Share your Glock 35 story in the comment section.